John O’Brien


My family and I had been considering investing for quite some time, we have owned our home since 2005 and have some equity that we would like to use and capitalise on to grow our wealth and secure our financial future. We where unsure on the best strategy, that’s where Property Ducks come in.


Property Ducks was the catalyst behind our journey into property investment. There insightful explanations left no doubt in our minds that this was the best choice for our savings. Not only did they introduce us to a fantastic Mortgage Broker, but they also showed us properties and neighbourhoods that met our budget expectations.


We purchased our first investment property in the town of Drouin, settlement of the property was in October 2022, the total house and land cost was $560k.

The property was recently valued by a real estate agent in the low to mid $700k range. We have recently secured our second house and land package thanks to the team at Property Ducks our future is looking bright and we feel financial secure.